Contact and FAQ

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1. Can I use your art as a tattoo?

Sure. However please buy something to help Wolfskulljack continue to create and please respect her work by not selling the design to the studio or using a piece that has been specifically commissioned by a client. As a full time artist every sale is greatly appreciated.

You can buy by clicking on the tab above and going to any of her stores, however the Etsy store ensures that all profits go to the artist directly.

If you wish to be extra generous you can give a paypal donation of

any amount to

2. Will you scan in that piece, or make adjustments so I can get it as a tattoo? 
No. Sorry.
3. Do you take free art requests? 
Due to art being her full time job she is unable to do artwork for free. If you wish to contact her for a commission please use the contact form above. Please note that private commissions are in high demand and are fully booked. However if you are happy paying commercial prices please contact her.

4. What materials do you use? 

Pilot pens, Sharpies, Staedtler pigment liners, watercolour paper.

5. Do you have any tips on inking?
Negative space!!! Be aware of negative space, putting too much detail will make your image look too busy and distract the viewer. Also reference from photos, and have a play with thickness of lines.

6. Can I copy your work?
If you wish to copy her work  for drawing practice only than credit her as the original artist.

It is not okay to use her work for any commercial purpose without explicit written permission.

7. Can you do illustrations for my book/band/project? 
Prices do range for commercial work (starting around the £400 mark), please use the contact form above for a quote. Prices vary depending on usage and complexity.